A front end & grafic design with strong communication skills

Who am I?(Specialties about me)

I just love listening to Queen. Freddy Mercury has a voice that just cannot be imitated. But besides that, I'm a studious and optimistic reading addict with an enormous thirst for knowledge. My interests? Marketing, front end and graphic design; which is supported by education and experience. The way technology evolves also intrigues me a lot.

Knowledge is a very important part of our life. Some people think they're done learning, but you never really are. That's the beauty of knowledge, it never ends. However, it is disappointing how some people never use newly learned knowledge. I however purposely search the internet or books for information that I can keep in mind for later use.

Work(Stuff I do)

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Have I gotten your interest and are you looking for a new intern or employee? You can contact me by e-mail or LinkedIn. If you want, you can follow me on Pinterest.
E-mail: cedricbloem@gmail.com